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Pet Shop Boys - So Sorry I Said chords

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Originally discarded from the "Introspective" 
album recording sessions (Parlophone/EMI, 1989), 
this song was offered to LIZA MINELLI 
for her album "Results" (Epic, 1989).
Later, PSB included it as part of their 
Performance World Tour in 1991

INTRO: Dm  Bbm  C  F  x 2

Dm             [ch]Bbm/C#[/ch]   C                F/C
  If this is a ghetto,    I'm in it with you
Dm               [ch]Bbm/C#[/ch]   C                  F/C
  If it's just a prison,    I'm locked in it too
Bb/D          C         Am7           Dm       C       Bb
   I tried to leave you,    but after all that we had  said
          C      Am7                   Dm          C
I went to pieces    when I should have shouted and screamed
  Bbm    C             Bb/D  F/C    Bb/D   F/C
instead.   So sorry, I said


Your powers of persuasion, those quizzical eyes
Have tired and tied me with innocent guile.
I would have walked out, and after all the tears we shed
I should have stalked out, gone and painted the town bright red
But instead, So sorry I said


Ab             C#m   E/G#               F#
  How tough it gets,      don't talk to me about it!
Ab                C#m   E/G#            F#
  To pay off your debts,    I worked on overtime
F#m                                 Am
  And you say you never believed in luck!


Dm              Bbm    C             F
  If you need a reason,   consider me mad
Dm         Bbm           C           F
  An old retainer,  loyal and sad
Bb            C       Am7           Dm        C      Bb
  I bought my freedom,    but after all  that we had shared
           C         Am7             Dm        C       Bbm      C  
I couldn't leave you.   Think of the skins I'd have to shed ins-tead
            Bb   F  Bb F 
So sorry, I said 
            Bb   F  Bb F
So Sorry, I said
Bbm   C            Bb    F  Bb  Bbm  F
Oooh!   So sorry, I said
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