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Pete Doherty - The Whole World Is Our Playground tab

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There are a lot of different versions of the song - Pete plays it in a lot of variations 
I'm just posting just one of it, I'm pretty sure they are correct though.
You can also mix parts of my tab with other tabs, for example use another intro.

Chord Info: EbM7 (x65333)




Intro Verse:
G                                      D
If i could tell you how much that i love you
Em                                        D
Then you would know I would never be without you
G                               D
My only wish is to be there for you
Em                                                         EbM7
Out after midnight walking in the moon light

EbM7                                              Cm
Are you still bowlin' 'round after dark
                          F                                               Bb
Blowing your hope and your smoke in the rain
EbM7                                  Cm
I lit a little fire off your chimney spark and
    F                              Bb
I knew I would - I'd never see you naked again.

                    Cm               D7       EbM7
Aw but the whole world is our playground
      Cm                   D7      EbM7
The whole world is our playground
G                                      E
Take the night by the hand
and set it on fire again

Verse 2:
G                                 GM7               F                                    Bb
If i hear this on the radio then i swear I'll go out of my mind
     EbM7                                            Cm                          F       
I try not to think about you every minute or so but they -- they sold you as a price


Riff x2

Verse 3:
G                                                        Gma7
I don't know I don't know I don't know
                 C             Cm                 D
where to begin, a song from a hide-away
         G                                               Gma7
But I know that you know and I know
                                           Cm                               C            
you've been where I've been, seen what i've seen - too far away

Verse 4:
                       G                                                Gma7             
The kitchen light was too bright and the light of my mind is a sin
       C                D                       C                 D
It's killing me everyday - it's healing me everyday.



Love, -- Sarah Tale
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