Pete Doherty - Stranger In My Own Skin chords

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                             Stranger in my own skin - Peter Doherty

Tabbed by:mortfor

Tuning: Standard


    Bb        Eb                  Bb        Eb  

Dm       Cm       F

Gm       Cm       F        

Gm       Cm       F

       Gm       Cm       F     Gm                Cm           F           
I´m a stranger, stranger in my own skin oh Often wonder why I ever let me 
Gm              Eb     Dm    Cm          F     Bbm
in ???   And of course ???   ???   these bones

Gm       Cm       F        

Gm       Cm       F

      Gm          Cm       F     Gm       Cm          F           
I'm a stranger, a stranger in my own skin  Skin cracked and

Gm               Eb         Dm             Cm         Cm
thin ??? to call Criminally insane and sensational 

It's nothing at all So won't you come and make me whole

   Bb           Eb                Bb
again When your backs against the wall
                Eb                          Dm      Cm      F 
Do you come out fighting Do you come out at all     aaaaaaaaaaal
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