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Pete Francis - Ride A Tear tab

Ok so the best tabs of pete were on a fan site that
is now not on the internet so i'll put what i got up.  Here goes.

standard tunning
Regae upstrokes
[ Tab from: ]
     A     E     F#minor
E |--5--5--7--7--9---9---9---9---||
B |--5--5--9--9--10--10--10--10--||
G |--6--6--9--9--11--11--11--11--||
D |--7--7--9--9--11--11--11--11--||
A |--7--7--7--7--9---9---9---9---||
E |--5--5------------------------||

That's all i got e mail with help fixing the last part!
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