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Pete Yorn - Dont Wanna Cry tab

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This is my first tab, but this song was pretty easy to ear. The verse parts are picked
the rest of the song is strummed. Listen to the song to get the rhythm right.

Capo 2nd Fret (all chords relative to capo)

"I don't wanna cry for you..."
D G D/F# Em7 A Em7 G D

Verse 1
"I know a man's not supposed to act this way..."


Verse 2
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"I'll cry in the middle of the day..."
D C G (x2)
D C Em7

Bridge repeated as instumental


A Em7 G D (repeated to end)

That's the basic pattern. You can get the lyrics and timing from listening to the song.
Em7 tends to be held longer than the other chords, specifically the second time it's
during the choruses and during the bridge. The G to D/F# move is a step-down approach; 
"These Days" by Jackson Brown. Good luck, hope this was helpful.
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