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Peter And Gordon - Dont Pity Me tab

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F#                  C#          F#
Love has gone and I can't take it anymore
F#                  C#                          F#
seems you're actin' just like you don't love me anymore

Em                 Am                Dm          Cm
But you know all I wanna see is your lovin' arms coressin' me
Cm  F#                C#
But you know that can never be
Em    Am        Em    Am 
Don't pity me,  don't pity me
 F#                      C#            F#
'Cuase I can see you're going out with some one new

Em            Am            Dm
I want you to think that i'm alright
Cm                Dm
think that i could sleep at night
Em                      Am           F#
yes, I know it's a lie, I know it's good-bye

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