Peter Bradley Adams - Keep Us chords

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Easy simple song.  Best if played with a finger picking style.
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Capo 3

Intro/Verses: ||: C  F  am  G :||

When the rain set in 
We had nowhere left to go 
So we just stayed in bed 
While the thunder rolled 
There's a comfort in the rain, 
One that lovers only know 
So we lay hand in hand 
While the water rose 

(Repeat Intro)

Every season will turn 
Til the world is upside down 
Rivers overflow 
Then go underground 
But in the eye of the storm, 
In the safety of this house 
We lay hand in hand 
While the world turns wrong 


F         am  
So keep us 
F          am 
And keep us
F          C/E  
And keep us
From the storm

(Repeat Intro)

There's a lesson in the rain 
That change will always come 
Let us ride this wave 
And then greet the sun 
And though the ground may shake 
And we'll think we've had enough 
We must raise our flags 
For the ones we love. 

(Repeat Chorus x2)
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