Peter Bradley Adams - The Longer I Run chords

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There's a nicer version in Dmajor Tuning that I'll post on here soon, but below is a 
version in standard tuning which I tweaked from another entry on U.G. The Em7 below is 
debatable. Suggestions welcome.

CAPO on 3


        Am                      G       C
When my blood runs warm with an old red wine
   G                   F    C
I miss the life that I left behind
           Am                    G           C
And when I hear the sound of the blackbird's cry
  G                  F       C
I know I left in the nick of time


          Am                  G       C
Well this road I'm on's gonna turn to sand
    G                  F       C
And leave me lost in a far-off land
          Am                    G          C
So let me ride the wind 'till I don't look back
       G                   F      C
And forget the life that I almost had


     F       Am     C
If I wander 'till I die
      F          Am        Em7
May I know whose hands I'm in
          F         Am    C
And if my home I'll never find
G           F     C
Then let me live again


    C                     F           C
The longer I run then the less that I find
                      F          C
Selling my soul for a nickel and dime
C                    F                  C
Breaking my heart to keep singing these rhymes
    G      Am
And losing again


        Am                    G        C
Tell my brother please not to look for me
  G                    F       C
I ain't the man that I used to be
          Am                      G       C
But if my saviour comes could you let him know
       G              F       C
I've gone away for to save my soul

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