Peter Cetera - The Next Time I Fall chords

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The Next Time I fall  Peter Cetera
Tabbed by Christian Estoesta
British School Manila

Verse 1
  G                C                 D         G
Love Like a road that never ends
            C/E           D/F#     Em
How It Leads Me back again
     D/C       C    A/C#                   D/F#
To  Heartache I`ll never understand
           G                C         D             G
Darlin I put my heart upon the shelf
              C/E                    D/F#       G       G/B-C-D7sus pause
Till the moment was right and I tell my self

                    Am ,Am7  D/F#, D
Next Time I fall    in love
     C                      D           Em
I`ll Know better what to do
                    Am,Am7  D/F#, D
Next  time I fall     In Love
C/E    D/F#   -G
Oohh Ohh Oohh
                           C/E      D/E
The Next time I fall In love
    Eb/G                          F/G
The next time I fall in love
It will be with you

Verse 2
       G             C       D               G
Oh Love as Iook into your eyes
           C/E         D/F#    Em
Well I wonder If It`s wise
     D/C     C                   A/C#            D/F#
To hold you like I`ve wanted to before
     Ab                           Db                         Ab
Tonight, oohh I was thinking that you might
           [ch]Db/F[/ch]                     Eb/G                           Ab  [ch]Ab/C[/ch] Db-Eb7-sus pause
Be the one who bretahes life In his heart of mine
(Repeat Chorus except last words)

Db                    Eb                      Fm
Next time I`m gonna follow through
Db           Eb
And If It Drives me crazy
[ch]Db/F[/ch]                Eb/G
I`ll Know better why
                         [ch]Db/Ab[/ch] pause
The next time I try
(Repeat Chorus except last words
-1 fret higher  key of Db)

Db9  [ch]Db/Eb[/ch]

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