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Peter Skellern - Youre A Lady tab

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INTRO - C A Dm G Em G C Bb 

Am                  Em
Now the evening has come to a close
Am                         G  
And I've had my last dance with you
Am              Em 
On to the empty streets we go
Am                             G 
And it might be my last chance with you
C                  Dm     F               Dm 
So I might as well get it over
Fm         C         Am  C          Em 
The things I have to say won't wait until another day
C              F#m   B    Em              A  F#m           C# A 
You're a lady, I'm a man, you're supposed to understand
Dm                         B          C    D G Dm G
How these things are often planned to be
C                F#m   B 
You're romantic, I'm a fool, 
Em         G        A
You're the teacher, I've come to school
Dm             G                C         F G Gm  
Here I sit and hope that you'll love me

C                  A      F#m             B
You're pure magic, unlock my chain
Em               A 
Nothing ventured nothing gained
Dm                G  B      G   F#m      C              Em E      
And so I say with no restraint, be mine, be mine

Am      B        Em
Hard to answer I agree
Am                   G
But then I've got to know
Am      Fm         B  G
I'm not asking you to marry me
Just a little love to show
G  F 
Oh I know I could make you happy
Fm              Cm
So the things I have to say
           Dm    Em        
Won't wait until another day

C             F#m   B 
You're a lady I'm a man......


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