Peter Yarrow - Dont You Ever Take Away Our Freedom chords

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Based on Lane Cohen version

Song by: Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary
Performed by: Lane Cohen

Intro: D(5x)

D            D/Db     D7            G                     D
Three horses greazing out my window brown black and white they stand

G                     D               A             A7
With rolling pastures they can wander free and easy is their land.


G              A         D           G              A       D
Don't you ever take away our freedom don't you ever take it away

G               A                      D
We must cherish and keep that one part of our lives.

A                             A7
and the rest we're gonna find one of these days.

One of these days...

I've always thought that I have seen in my own lifetime, an end into poverty, injustice 
and the wars, but now I have learned to those things, it's gonna take a long, long time, 
so there's one thing that we must always make sure.


When, I was thinking of the president of the USA, my love the president was giving us 
peace and equality, it makes me think of the president that I loved. The president should 
tell good stuff about us right now.


G               A               D
There is a time for the singing and the sunshine

G               A               D
There is a time for the thunder and the rain

G              A                                D
There's a time for the changing all the seasons my friends.

A                     A7
but there's one thing we must never ever give us change
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