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Phantom Planet - Knowitall chords

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Noticed there weren't chords out there for the acoustic version of this song, so thought 
i'd post them. :)

			     Knowitall - Phantom Planet
Tabbed by: Jake Sullivan

Tuning: Standard

Chords: C#m   E    A   F#m   G#maj7   
B or B (in barre form)

C#m            E
I came home as someone else
A                    F#m
Must have wished it on myself
C#m        E
When I got lost in thought
While we were out

C#m                  E
Hours have passed and I have seen
A                    F#m
The terror I am stuck between
C#m               E
Who I've been and who I'm thinking
I could be

C#m                  E         A      F#m
I was listening to a battle begin
C#m             E          A      F#m
Wondering which side would win

A           F#m
Did you say something?
    A        F#m
I'm sorry I apologize

C#m  E  A  F#m

E     G#maj7
I can tell
B     A             E
After this there's nothing else
Nothing you can't solve
B                A     E
If you're such a knowitall

E    G5    E     G5

C#m           E
Maybe I'm not good enough
A                          F#m
Or you don't resemble what I've built up
C#m          E
After months see it looming
Over us

C#m           E
Tell me I made some mistake
A              F#m
Entertaining a second date
C#m           E
I'm a mess so nervous and it's
Getting late

A                 F#m
What should I do? I'll tell you.
A                F#m
Pretty soon I'll shatter in two.

C#m   E   A   F#m

E      G#maj7
Just because
B         A              E
You place something high enough
The harder it can fall
But you knew that.
         A     E
You're a knowitall

There may be one or two added chords here and there, but it's simple and works. :) If 
I've missed anything, shoot me an email and i'll get it fixed.
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