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Phantom Planet - Something Is Wrong tab

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G-320033  D-x00232  A-x02220  Em-022000  F#m-244222  Bm-x24432


 G                 D                        G
E----------------------2------2----         ------------------------3-2-0--0-|
B-------3-2-0---0--------3------3--         --------3-2-0---0-------------3--|
G-------------0------2-------------         --------------0------------------|
D-----0------------0--------0-----0 x2,THEN -----0----------------0----------|
A---2------------------------------         ---2-----------------2-----------|
E-3--------------------------------         -3-----------------3-------------|

        D              F#m
Burn me down if that's how
     Em            A
Everything's gonna start
          D             F#m
With the flame from the heat
       Em           A
Of the look on your face

     D         F#m     Bm
On a day like    today
           D              G
Could have made out every raindrop
        F#m  Em      A
Falling down on your face

      G               D
Now I fear that I may taste
            G               D
These tears rolling down my face
    F#m     Bm  G            D
And realize     something is wrong
Em         A            F#m
  With the light of the sun
And the color of the sky
Em       A        G (Repeat intro to the end)
With you in every one
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