Phideaux - Waiting For The Axe To Fall chords

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Capo 3rd fret

Verse 2 & 3 are just the same as the first one. Enjoy playing!

Em        C            Am             Em 
Waiting for the axe to fall
Em        C            Am             Em
You might stumble, you might crawl
Em             C       Am             Em  
Don't go any faster, it catches up to you
Em               C         
It will pull you down
Am                   Em     D     C
Because of what you know
It's true

Instr transition:  A   G   A   Em 

You might be the sum of all
Scratching through the firewall
Don't go any further stranded out alone
I pray for you now
Be careful of your own

Instr: E, Em, Am, E

Waiting for the ice to thaw
This collapse awaits us all
Don't come any closer
It's what you're meant to do
Follow me out
We might just make it through
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