Phideaux - Candy Brain chords

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                                         Artist - Phideaux
                                        Song - Candy Brain
                                    Album - Doomsday Afternoon

Synth Intro

Fm Am X4
Fm Am Bb Eb Ab C# Bb Ab

    Bb         Fm
The sisters of illusion
     Ab              C#
Sell delusion at the show
      Bb                   Fm
It is said they've wed for wisdom
      Ab                              C#
If it kissed them, they wouldn't even know
          Bb            Fm
Still the marchers walk beside them
  Ab         C#
Inclined to agree
        Ab           C#             Eb
If it's written, we believe it will come, you'll see

Fm         C#
La la la 

Fm         C#
La la la 

            Hand Claps
Fm          Am Bb Eb Ab C# Bb Ab
La la la

    Bb            Fm
The converts come together
        Ab          C#
They're gathered to begin
         Bb                Fm
And they swear their oaths forever
     Ab                  C#
Slip chips down into the skin
       Bb          Fm
So the keepers are inside them
  Ab                   C#
Provide them what they need
      Ab           C#
To transmit and to recieve
When they're in, they don't leave

Fm                   C#
La la la, la la la.  The convent is waiting, it's time to go in

Fm                   C#
La la la, la la la.  Gather the faithful, let vespers begin

                     Hand Claps
Fm                   Am Bb Eb Ab C# Ab
La la la, la la la

Fm Am
Fm Am  
G F G Am
Am G F  F  And this is what they say
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