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Phil Benson - Summers Gone chords

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Phil Benson - Summer's Gone
Tabbed by Dasell.

This tab/chords is done in standard tuning.
The song is originally in flat tuning. So if
you want to play in the same tuning that Phil
 is playing in, tune your guitar a half step down and
move your chords a half step up. Have Fun! and God bless!

Intro:/Chorus: In Standerd Do half step Down



Abm C#m7 F#m7 B   (x2)

Pre Chorus:

A A/G# F#m B   (x2)

Flat Tuning

Abm     C#m7
Summers Gone
F#m7               B
lights go down And all the curtains drawn
Abm       C#m7     F#m7         B
And all I wan't is something to sing to

Abm     C#m7
Summers Gone
F#m7               B
Your dizzy as your world, You slowly turn
Abm         C#m7        F#m          B
And I reach out to, but I can't hold on to

A        A/G#            F#m-B
Evenings walking in the sunset
A             A/G#       F#m         B
But all thats good, I'll believe you past


My love, well its never sweet as it was
My love, I've been away too long
Thought I'd never leave you behind
But maybe its time

Abm     C#m7
Summers gone
F#m7               B
And I watch as the sunset turns to stars
 Abm       C#m7     F#m7         B
And I know, watching the world through

Abm     C#m7
Summers gone
F#m7               B
And every day your slipping through my palms
Abm       C#m7     F#m7         B
How I, once knew, you seemed to fall through


A place I've never seen before
Its a carosell closing the door


Its too late to track Theres no way I'll be

And night time passes by, how was I supposed to know

And now I'm looking back, you picked up and left

I'm never gonna leave you alone
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