Phil Collins - We Fly So Close chords

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F C Gm Dm }x2

Dm F Gm C }x2

    Dm                 F            Gm                C
My harbour lights are fading fast, soon they'll disappear
Alone I sit in darkness hoping someone might come near
Though I wait, though I try, no one ever comes
And the feelings that I have flood over me, the river starts to run

Dm   C  B      BC
We fly so close }x2
Dm             C          B B
Sometimes we fly too close

Every place you run to, everywhere you turn
There are places that you know you should not go, but some bridges just won't burn
All my life, though I try I cannot change the past
And the ghosts that come back to haunt you make you realise at last

             F C Gm Dm }x2
We fly too close

My heart is racing much faster now, life passes before my eyes
Something's I see, they make me smile, something's they make me cry
So I look, so I try to find a lesson I can learn
The passing of time hasn't changed my mind and the ghosts I know return

You know..
             F C Gm Dm }x2
We fly too close

Oh we fly so close, you and I sometimes
Sometimes we fly so close, we'll never know how many times
Oh we fly so close
     Dm F Gm C }x2
We fly so close

F C Gm Dm }x2
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