Phil Stacey - Youre Not Shaken chords

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Standard Tuning: Capo on 1

[Verse One]

      Am         F             G
I am sinking in river that is raging
      Am               F    G
I am drowning. Will I ever rise to breathe again
             Am    F
I wanna know why
I just wanna understand
                 Am    F
Will I ever know why?
How could this be from Your hand?

      Am                      C                             G
When every little thing that I have dreamed would be just slips away like 
water through my hands
                       C                        G
And when it seems the walls of my beliefs are crashing down like theyre 
all made of sand
  Am         G
I wont, let go of you now
          F   Am     G
because I knooooow, oooh, Youre not shaken

Am C G

[Verse Two]
I am trembling in the darkness of my own fear
All the questions with no answers
So grip me while Im here
And I may never know why
Oh I may not understand
But I will lift up my eyes,
and trust this is Your plan


Am                  C
  When I am in the valley
G                   Am    C
  of the shadow of death
Youre not shaken, Youre not shaken
Am                     C
  You're right here beside me
G                     Am    C
  And you have never left
Youre not shaken, Youre not shaken

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