Phil Wickham - Because Of Your Love chords

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Yet another one off the new record, Heaven and Earth. 


Because of Your Love
Written By: Phil Wickham

Jesus you endured my pain
Savior you bore all my shame
All because of your love
Maker of the universe 
Broken for the sins of the earth
All because of your love
               Em        Dsus4 D
All because of your love

G                        D 
Because of your cross my debt is paid
Em                       C
Because of your blood my sins are washed away
G                     D/F#
Now all of my life, I freely give
Em                    C               C*     G
Because of your love, Because of your love I live

Innocence and holy king
You died to set the captain free 
All because of your love      
Lord you gave your life for me
I will give my life to you
All because of your love      

               Am                 Em
You did it for me, you did it for love
                   G             D
Itís your victory, Jesus you are enough           3x

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