Phil Wickham - In Your City chords

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Verse 1
C                            F/C
Oh, the glorious day when we arrive
             C              C/G G
And heaven's gates are open wide
Am                               F
All our fear and pain will fade away
        C               G
When we see You face to face
    F         C       G
Our great and awesome King

C C2 C   F F2 C   F F2 Am   C/G G

C        F                  C
You will reign in brilliant light
F            Am           C/G G
Forever glorified in Your city
    C        F                  C
And we, Your daughters and Your sons
     F                Am           C/G G
Will see Your kingdom come in Your city

Verse 2
Love will reign and joy will have no end
When the cites go marching in
God, we pray that You'd come soon
cuz we will wait to be with You
Our great and awesome King

F               C             G        Am
When we've been there for ten thousand years
    F         C      G
Our song will be the same
F             C           G          Am
Praise to the One who has brought us here
F     C      G     F     C      G
Jesus is His name, Jesus is His name
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