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Phil Wickham - Youre Beautiful chords

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This is a song by Phil Wickham called You're Beautiful.. I love it as it's really 
easy to play, and has a powerful strong message behind it. Our God is so amazing 
and beautiful, and deserves to be worshipped.

I'm pretty sure there is no capo for this song.. but if you want to change the key 
to suit your range, plop it on :)

(verse's follow this chord pattern)

D                   G
I see your face, in every sunrise
    Bm                         A
The colours of the morning are inside your eyes
D                        G
The world awakens in the light of the day
  Bm                         A 
I look up to the sky and say, you're beautiful

D      G      D     A
Oooo - Oooo - Ooo - Ooo (x2)

You're beautiful

(the next three verses follow the exact same pattern. so does the chorus...)

End on A D. 
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