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Phil Wickham - Youre Beautiful chords

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Hi guys... this is my second tab of 'You're Beautiful' by Phil Wickham. This time, 
it's not in the key that he plays it in, rather, it's been transposed in to the 
key of C. If you can't play bar chords (Bm), then this is the version for you 
(plus I think it sounds better in C).

No Capo. 

I play Fmajor7 this way : 003210 

Very easy to switch from c too.. (just moving your second and third finger down 
the fret board one string up) 

All the time, I fiddle with the top e string third fret, and finger pick for an 
intro, as I think that sounds really good.. do it!!

(verses follow this pattern)

C                Fmajor7          
I see your face, in every sunrise  

Am                             G
The colours of the morning are inside your eyes 

C                        Fmajor7
The world awakens in the light of the day

  Am                     G 
I look up to the sky and say..  You're beautiful

chorus pattern:

C       Fmajor7  C              G
OOooo - Ooooo - Ooooo - You're beautiful

bridge pattern:

C                       Fmajor7           Am                G 
I see your face, you're beautiful, you're beautiful, you're beautiful


I'll leave the rest to you :)

Hope you enjoy :)
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