Phil Wickham - Hold On chords

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Hold on Phil Wickham 
Capo 4

There is a battle in the distance
I see it flashing in the sky
     D                        Am
It's gonna be a long, long night
All that was holding you together
Is crumbling apart
    D                       Am
And left you with an aching heart
        Em           D
Take my hand, here I am

G                     C
Love is gonna make it right
          Em             D  
Just hold on, just hold on
        G                    C
There's mercy in the morning light
            Em           D
When you're weak love is strong
        G  D  Am
Hold on

There is a river in the desert
I feel the winds about to change
And you won't ever be the same
I'm gonna carry you through fire
I'm gonna hold you in the rain
You don't have to be afraid
Take my hand
Here I am


G                   C
Everybody lift your eyes
        Em                D
Morning light has finally come

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