Phil Wickham - Heaven Song chords

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Heaven Song, by Phil Wickham

G     - 320033
Cadd9 - x32033
Dsus4 - xx0233   
Em7   - x22033
D/F#  - 200233
hammer on 1st finger for all except Em7.

Intro: Em | D/F# | G |
       Em | D/F# | G | C |

     Em7                   D/F#        G
You wrote a letter and You signed Your name
Em7          D/F#         G       Cadd9
I read every word Read it page by page
You said that Youíd be coming
       D/F#   G
Coming for me soon
Em7   D/F#        Cadd9     G
Oh my God Iíll be ready for You

                   Cadd9          G
ĎCause I want to run on greener pastures
          Dsus4           Em7
I want to dance on higher hills
          Cadd9              G
I want to drink from sweeter waters
       Dsus4         Em7
In the misty morning chill
       Cadd9           G
And my soul is getting restless
        Dsus4         Em7
For the place where I belong
        Cadd9            G          Dsus4
I canít wait to join the angels and sing my heaven song

Verse 2:
  Em7                   D/F#     G
I hear Your voice and I catch my breath
Em           D/F#       G      Cadd9
Well done my child, enter in and rest
   Em7      D/F#             G
As tears of joy roll down my cheek 
        Em7       D/F#      Cadd9   G
Oh itís beautiful beyond my wildest dreams

Chorus x2
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