Phillips Craig And Dean - Your Grace Still Amazes Me chords

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Enjoy this tab. Iīm not sure about the bridge, so if you have any suggestions, just suscribe it.


 F    G       C     F   G       C
 My faithful Father, enduring Friend
              F               G             
 Your tender mercyís like a river with no end
Am  G          C  F   G      C
 It overwhelms me, covers my sin
              F               G
 Each time I come into Your presence
             F             G
 I stand in wonder once again

        C            F     G
 Your grace still amazes me
                       F   C            
 Your love is still a mystery
                 F  G     Am
 Each day I fall on my knees
        F           G    Am
 Your grace still amazes me
              F            G    C
 ĎCause Your grace still amazes me


 F    G        C     F     G        C
 Oh, patient Saviour, You make me whole
              F              G               
 You are the Author and the Healer of my soul
Am     G          C    F          G      C
 What can I give You, Lord, what can I say
                  F          G
 I know thereís no way to repay You
          F             G
 Only to offer You my praise     [CHORUS]

F           Am
 Itís deeper, itís wider
F             Am
 Itís stronger, itís higher
F            G
 Itís deeper itís wider 
C                     Am         F           G
 Itís stronger, itís higher than anything my eyes can see 
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