Pierce Pettis - Love Will Always Find The Way chords

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Love will always find its way
Pierce Pettis
Capo3 play D

1. Canít stop a riverDonít even try, Itíll carry you away
Caught in the current
Sweeping you along, running deeper every day
Oh my love, look at you
   I love you more than I can say
Now I know that itís true
   Love will always find its way.
 2. Hello and Goodbye
Divided by a line down the middle of the road
But the same road that takes you, so far away
Can bring you back home
Oh my love if I go
    it will never be to stay
I will come back I know
   Love will always find its way

Instrumental Bridge
3. I cannot escape
The fact that I have made some trouble for myself
Trouble so deep,
But the water was sweet by the river where I kneltOn my love wash me clean
   Like a sidewalk in the rain
Take my arm, walk with me
   And love will always find its way
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