Pierce The Veil - Wonderless chords

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A:   x02220
D:   x00230
F#m: 244222
E:   022100

A       D
I don't care 
If your beautiful lips 
Exist out there 
Because I'm wonderless 
         D                      F#m          
Why the best can't make it in Hollywood 
No more 

It's like a long drag taken 
   A                       D
Before the smoke hits the white sky 
Like the birds at night 
         F#m                 A
And it's fake just like the movies 
    D       E
Oh yeah, oh yeah

A           D 
And I can't wait 
Just to see you again 
      D                  A
And your two faces are locked on mine 
         D                    F#m
Had the worst time chasing the thought away 
No hope 
Oh no home

Because maybe I'm a fake 
Maybe you're to blame 
Maybe I'm a star 
Stumbling drunk light 
       F#m                   A            D
My mistakes I've made won't leave me alone 
Oh no 

            F#m                  A
And if you don't find me on the front page 
       D                   E
Find a way to say that you saw me 
           F#m                A
And if you don't find me in a movie
       D                   E 
Find a way to say that you knew me 
        F#m           A
You and I got lost along the way 
              D                 E
But this will end some day some way 
            F#m              A(hold)
And if you don't find me at all 
     A           D
Then I won't care 
       F#m    D  
Oh yeah 

            A                    D
If I could find a place for the holiday
Maybe I would call 
You're a payphone away 
          A                D
From the mess that I've become 
     F#m                D
I'm destroying what I love

F#m A D E 
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