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Pierce The Veil - Hell Above Acoustic chords

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Hello this is mah first tab so bear with me please :D I'm basically writing the 
tabs from this video

These are all power chords so i'm just gonna tell you the notes and you should 
assume they are power chords and not open chords okay?

Intro: F#, F#, D, C#, B, A, B, A (D and C# are half A bar)

g|-6-}You are going to strum this for 
d|---}the first bit of lyrics okay?

I cannot spend another night in this home

I close my eyes and take a breath real slow

The consequence is if I leave I'm alone
                                  C# (Hold this note)
But whats the difference when you beg for love

F#                          C#
I run through glass in the street. Kerosene hearts
Carry the name my father gave me
And take the face of the wolf. 

          F#            D      B        C#       ]
This is a Wasteland, my only retreat              }This will be known as
             F#                D         B    C#  }the "Chorus"
With heaven above you there is hell over me      ]

   I met a girl who never looked so alone
   Like sugar water in your mouth luke warm
   She tied a cherry stem for me with her tongue
   We fell in love and now we're both alone

      F#                   C#
Cause I don't need anymore friends and
another kiss like fire on pavement
We'll burn it down to the end


             F#                  D
The water is rusted the air is unclean
           B                C#
Just for a second I'll feel free

(First half of chorus)

F#             F#                C#                F
   I've waited all this night to honor you and say
            F#        F#             C#            F
I know it's hard, but who are you to fall apart on me, on me

(For this chorus you are going to do this riff twice)



                    F#                  D
You said what about us, well what about me?
              B                      C#
Hang from the gallows, asleep in the rain
                F#            D    B         C#
Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat

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