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Piers Faccini - A Storm Is Going To Come tab

A storm is going to come – Piers Faccini

Tabbed by Aklex

Verse + Interlude

    D            D           F               G
2  /   G-|----3----3--|---3----3---|---2-------2---|-----0/1/0-----||
  /    D-|--0---------|-0----------|-3-------------|---0-------0---||
 /  4  A-|------------|------------|---------------|---------------||


Let your singing skills out ;)
( I’ve tried some chords and ended up with a random mixture of half and slightly muted 
C, D, Am7, G, F)

Black crows circling up above
Crying out, do you hear that sound?
I never thought it’ll come to this
Paradise raised to the ground

Sometimes I don’t sleep at night
I hear the wind in the morning trees
I wonder how my child will fair
With wars and bombs and thieves

Int. 1
The thunder has been gone

Some are blind but choose to see
Flies into the truth they weave
Some put their trust in Faith
Some say I don’t believe

Each man unto himself
There an island in a raging sea
With a boat to anchor sail
All the two equality/all but two which will it leave ???

The thunder has been gone (sing it 3 times)

And a storm is gonna come (find a heaven, find a shelter)
A storm is gonna come (find a port, find a harbor)
A storm is gonna come (find a friend, find a lover)
A storm is gonna come (find a sister, find a brother)
The Storm Is Gonna Come

Who’s the one that watching you
Who says your rights are wrong
When preacher and the judge are lying
A change is coming, it won’t be long

We may have burned the bridge too far
We may have run ourselves too far.
When you look in the mirror, friend
What is it that you want to ask?

The thunder has been gone

Dear father when you left me here
You lay your head in eternal sleep
You told me that all remains
Love is all we have to keep

Black crows…

The Thunder has been gone

A storm is gonna come…

Play Verse right after the last lyric verse in the chorus. Than play it for an outro 
calmly to the end. (try to find a guy with a harmonica =)

I hope it will help you...
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