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Pillar - Whatever Part 1 tab

Hey, this is my first tab so if it blows dont be to mad. Without Warning rocks!

e -------------------------12-14-15-17-15-14-15-14-12-14-12-|
b ----------------------12----------------------------------|
g --------------9-11-12-------------------------------------|
d -------------9--------------------------------------------|
a ----2s7-9-10----------------------------------------------|
e 0-3-------------------------------------------------------|

e 11-12-----------------------------------------------------|
b ------12-13-12-10-12-10----10-----------------------------|
g ------------------------12----12-11-9s5-4-----------------|
d ------------------------------------------5-4-2-1---------|
a --------------------------------------------------2-------|
e ----------------------------------------------------3-2-0-|

e -----------------------------------------------------------|
b -----------------------------------------------------------|
g -----------------------------------------------------------|
d 2-----------------14-----------------10-----------------10-|
a 2-10-10-9-9--9-10-14-10-10-9-9--9-10-10-10-10-9-9--9-10-10-|
e 0-----------------12-----------------8------------------8--|

e ----------------|
a ----------------|
g ----------------|
d ----------------|
a 10-10-9-9--9-10-|
e ----------------|

that riff is played twice then is basically the same except it switches powercords to 
then 8-10-10 then 10-10-12 then 7-9-9 that is done
twice also.

ive run out of time to complete the hole song but heres part one. enjoy!
note this is not one of Hawk Nelsons songs but would only be accepted through a name 
had already been entered. This is without warnings
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