Pin Eyes - Lover Of The Void chords

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This tab is given for free by the artist, so it is the actual correct one. For the 
rythme and the little glitches, simply listen to the song and you'll get it.
Official website for the artist :

Cm       A#         Am
All that I have left to say
Cm       A#      Am
All that has been hid
       Em            C   Dm
By the trees of our love
           Cm    A#     Am
Behind the trees of our love

             C              Em       Am
I could have waited all the day all along
          C       Em       C
I did not see the point to stay and wait for a ghost
              C                 Em          Am
I would be so shivering that my knees would all break up
             C               Em        Am
And then the rain would just start fullfilling my lungs

Cm     A#           Am
Let me speak from my grave
Cm     A#              Am
Do you hear the fingers knocking
  Em             C             Dm
A lugubre prayer from the dead
Cm       A#      Am
Crawling onto our heads

           C                      Em                Am
But let me tell you that there is something that is on my mind
           C                Em      Am
And that I can't get rid of it, oh just like that.
        C              Em         Am
I'm not looking for an answer nor even a sign
       C           Em                Am
I just want you to nod your head and accept the fact...

      C6      Em7      Am
[That oh, you are, the one...
 That oh, you are, the one] x2
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