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Pinback - Hurley tab

this is as much of the song as i cared to figure out. its my first tab and i couldnt 
out an easy way to write tabs. plus, im only 14.

e|------------------------||x4  ------------------------||x3
B|------------------------||    ---------------3/5---3--||
G|------------------------||    ---------0-2------------||
D|-------0---------2---0--||    -----2-4----------------||
A|---0h2---0h2p0----------||    ---0--------------------||
D|-0-------------0---0----||    -0-----------0-----0----||

e|------------------------|  -----------------------||x3
B|----------------3/5---3-|  -----------------------||
G|------------------------|  -----------------------||
D|-----4-6-4--------------|  -------3-1--------6-4--||
A|---4-------5------------|  -1-1--------4-4--------||
D|-4------------0-----0---|  -1---1------4---4------||

e|------------------------||x3  ------------------------||x2
B|------------------------||    ------------------------||
G|-----------------2---0--||    ------0-4--------0-2----||
D|-------0----------------||    ----5----------3------3-||
A|---0h2---0h2p0----------||    --3----------1----------||
D|-0-------------0---0----||    ------------------------||

cant figure out the next part, but this fits with the song.
you dont have to palm mute all of it, openning some notes sounds good.
e|-------------------------------|x A lot
 pm . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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