Pinhead Gunpowder - Crazyhorse chords

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Pinhad Gunpowder - Crazy Horse
by Dustyn
 Comment and enjoy =)

A5            E5
Singing with a michevious grin
D5          E5
Staring she drew me in
A5                E5
With her eyes and held me there
D5                 E5
With her everybody in the
A5   E5
Cafe laughed
D5                      E5        
but i got that news when i got back
A5               E5
"Good job, dude," Anandi said
D5                       E5
"You just kissed crazy horse's
    A5    G5   E5

    A5    G5   E5

A5             E5
Now I'm in deep shit I said 
D5      E5
I had a bag over my head
A5           E5     
Bleaching my hair but 
D5                 E5 
I pulled it down a little lower
A5                 E5
Crazy horse is the meanest of the mean
D5                                  E5
the leader of the the lowest of the low the St. Paul skins 
A5                 E5    
with a bullet hole in his head
D5                        E5
And I just kissed crazy horse's
    A5    G5   E5

    A5    G5   E5

   A5  E5
Anandi grabbed a napkin
D5         E5
She drew a diagram
A5       E5
With red lipstick
D5                           E5
This is how you'll look when he gets through
A5                            E5
You never should have come in the first place
        D5                   E5
Now the boot boys are gonna rearrange your face
A5                     E5
"I tried to warn you," she said
     D5                       E5
"But now you're going back to kiss her
 A5    G5   E5

    A5    G5   E5
    A5    G5   E5
    A5    G5   E5
    E5 A5

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