Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love chords

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Make sure to tune your guitar down a half step, the way Stephen Mcbean likes it.

These are the chords used in the song.
Chord names aren't correct, but it's easier to remember them as the G and C chord 
shapes and so on.

    G   C   D   D7  Em  Am

 G                       C   
    someone told me of a dream
 D          C                 G
    killed along the lost highway
 G                       C
    but to me it seemed obscene
 D             C                        G      D 
    like satan laughed and spread his wings

 C                              G 
    but if I asked you what you saw
 Em                          D      D7 
    would you say you saw it all
 Am                           Em
    angels burning in sin and flame
 C           G                 D
    draped across the lost highway

 C                                   G
    don't carry your burdens to your grave
 Em             C               D      D7  
    let outside love guide your way
 C          D            G          Em
    someone told me of a dre--------am
 D                C             G 
    where outside love reigns supreme

The solo bit is played on top of the chorus chords, then the chorus is repeated.
The song ends with the second half of the chorus repeated.
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