Pitbull - International Love chords

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Play on Chris' parts, on Pitbull's try riffs (intro chords) :)

Intro: Cm Ab Eb Bb 4x

           Cm        Ab       Eb      Bb
You put it down like New York City (I never sleep)
Cm        Ab    Eb        Bb
Wild like Los Angeles (My fantasy)
Cm     Ab     Eb     Bb
Hotter than Miami (I feel the heat)
Cm   Ab         Eb            Bb    Cm Ab      Eb            Bb
Oooh girl, it's international love, ooooh it's international love

Fm            Ab              Eb                    Cm
There's not a place that your love don't affect me, baby
   Fm         Ab                    Eb                      Bb
So don't ever change, I crossed the globe when I'm with you baby
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