Pixie Lott - Jack chords

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Intro: Dm, Dm/C#, Dm/c, Dm/B, C, C/B, C/A#, C/A

Dm       Dm/C#   Dm/c        Dm/B
Jack was nimble, Jack he was quick

C           C/B        C/A#      C/A
Jack jumped over the candle stick

Dm         Dm/C#        Dm/c    Dm/B      C   C/B   C/A#   C/A      
  Now he's gone and i'm burning all alone

         Dm           Dm/C#    Dm/c   Dm/B   C   C/B   C/A#   C/A
Oh, he's gone and i'm burning still,         woah ooh

            Dm          Dm/C#    Dm/c
A beautiful story, left incomplete

Dm/B       G                 G (with a D# as the top note instead of a D)
Oh, how he knocked me off my feet

              Ebm                          Ebm/D
Sitting by my windowpane, thinking i might go insane

              Ebm/C#                    Ebm/C
Why'd he only shoot me halfway to the moon?

Sorry guys, that's all i know. Couldn't work out the chorus :S but the second 
verse is the same chord sequence as the first verse, so enjoy :P x
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