Pixies - Bone Machine tab

The Pixies - Bone Machine

Bass starts with a progression, then lead and rhythm guitar come in.
This is the recurring lead part throughout the song.


Rhythm(Again, very reoccurring)

Dm A C G


This is a song for Carol...

VERSE(only rhythm playing)
You're ordering your Japanese fast food
And I'm droppin' off your Japanese lover
And you're going to the beach all day
You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me (2X)

BRIDGE(all guitars)
You're lookin' like you got some sun
Your blistered lips have not a kiss
The days are lit like everyone
Oh oh  oh oh  oh oh  oh oh

CHORUS (Bass plays E C F G)
You're bones got a little machine


(ditto for all guitars this time)
You're the bone machine


VERSE(just rhythm)
I was talkin' to preachy preach about kissy kiss
He bought me a soda (3X)
And he tried to molest me in the parking lot yep yep yep yep!
BRIDGE(all guitars)
I think you're great, you make me hard
Your island skin looks Mexican
All love is rice and beans and horse's lard

CHORUS(just bass)

(After Francis says "you're the bone machine", Joey plays a Dm on the
10th fret, then slides down crazily)

Then, they substitute "oh"s for words in the next bridge, then back to
"you're bones got a little machine". Listening to the song will help
all this make sense.

Break my Body
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