Pixies - Beak My Body chords

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Break My Body  - PIXIES  

[G]            [Bb] 
    I'm a Hard Loser
[Dm]                 [G]                   [Bb]\ [G]
      You'll find me Crashing through my Mother's Door
[G]                 [Bb] 
       I am an Ugly Lover 
[Dm]                   [G]           [Bb]\ [G]
      You'll find us Crawling on the Dirty Floor

[Dm]    [G]     [F]  
      Break my Body, 
[Bb]      [C]  [G]
Hold my Bones, Hold my Bones  [ X3, then hang on G..]

[G]                [Bb] 
     I'm a Belly Dancer 
[Dm]                 [G]            [Bb]\ [G]
      I'll shake for Arabs and I'll never care
[G]                  [Bb] 
     I'm a Building Jumper
[Dm]          [G]                    [Bb]\ [G]
      Roof to Roof you see me flying In the Air

 [back to chorus above, then full stop!]
[CODA] chords come twice as fast]
[Bb]           [Dm]
      Somebody Got Hurt
[Bb]           [Dm]
      Somebody Get hurt
[Bb]               [F][Bb][F]
      Somebody got Hurt. 

open strings ring on 1 and 2!  
VERSE: G(III)[355400] etc. 
slide E shape to sixth fret 
G(III)  Bb(VI),  Dm(V), G(III), Bb(VI)  G(III)  

CHORUS: Dm(IV)[x57760]  etc* 
Dm(IV) - G(III) - F(I) - Bb(I) - C(III) - G(III) 
*using power chords on Fs, Bb(I)s, n Cs  

Listen to the recording for chord timing n feel 
as Im not smart enough to explain it to you..  
I put the chords where I thought they fall. 
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