Pj Harvey - Good Fortune chords

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Good Fortune - PJ Harvey

Here's what I play on acoustic guitar

Am9    -  x02200
G6     -  320030
C      -  x32010
Fsus2  -  xx3011
G6/B   -  x20030
D      -  xx0232
Dsus2  -  xx0230

Am9             G6
Threw my bad    fortune

Am9             G6
Off the         top of

Am9             G6
A tall          building

Am9             G6  
I'd rather have done it with 

C      Fsus2    C     Fsus2
You-ou-ou-ou-   ou-ou-ou-ou

Your boy's smile
Five in the morning
Looked into your eyes
And I was really in love

In Chinatown
Hung over
You showed me
Just what I could do

Talking about
Time travel
And the meaning
And just what it was worth

Chorus: - note rising bass progression
Am9           G6/B
  And I       feel like

C             D
Some bird of  paradise

Am9           G6/B
  My bad      fortune's

C             D
Slipping a-   way

Am9           G6/B
  And I       feel the

C             D
Innocence     of a child

C             Dsus2
Everybody has something good to say

Things I once thought
In my life
Have all taken place

When we walked through
Little Italy
I saw my reflection
Come right off your face

I paint pictures
To remember
You're too beautiful
To put it into words

Like a gypsy
You dance in circles
All around me
And all over the world

Chorus x 2

So I take my
Good fortune
And I fantasize
Of our leaving
Like some modern-day
Gypsy landslide
Like some modern-day
Bonnie and Clyde

On the run again 
On the run again 
On the run again 
On the run again 
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