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Pj Harvey - England chords

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Ok well considering this is one of the best songs on an amazing album I'm 
surprised that no one else has tabbed it yet. I'm completely sure that it's 100% 
accurate because I watched her playing this live on YouTube. So if these chords 
aren't right, well then she isn't playing it right either :P

Standard Tuning - CAPO ON 7TH FRET
"England" by PJ Harvey
Tab by Jimmyboy

This is a very simple song in 2 halves with repeating chord loops, then an outro. 
Listen to the song if you're not sure where the changes are.

There is only one unusual chord which is a B like this:


 1st Half chord loop
 Dm, Em, C, Em, F, Em, G

 Ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya
 I  live and die through England
 Through England it leaves a sadness

 Remedies never were within my reach
 I cannot go on as I am

 Withered vine reaching from 
 the country that I love
 England, you leave a taste,
 a bitter one (hold G and start 2nd-half chord loop G, B, Em, B)

 2nd Half chord loop
 G, B, Em, B
 I have searched for your springs
 But people, they stagnate with time
 Like water, like air
 To you, England, I cling

 C    Em    C     Em      C   Em      B       Em
 Undaunted, never failing lo--ve  for you England
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