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Placebo - Slave To The Wage Acoustic tab

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Placebo  Slave to the wage acoustic chords

Slave to the wage
Black Market Music (2000)

Work out rhythm and strum pattern by listening to the tune  

Play with Capo on 1st fret


A7         x02020
A          x02220
E          022100
D          xx0232
Dmaj7      xx0222
Amaj7      x02120

Intro  A, A, A, A, E, E, D, D, A, A, A, A

Verse 1  A, E, D (Chords Throughout)

Link 1  A, A, A, A 

Verse 2  Same as above
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Link 2  Same as above

Chorus 1  A, E, D, A, E, D, A7, E, D, A, A, E, D

Link 3  Same as above, then continue with A, A, A, A

Verse 3  Same as above

Link 4  Same as above (Link 1)

Chorus 2  Same as above

Link 5  A, Amaj7, A, Amaj7 then A, A, A, A	

Chorus 3  E, Dmaj7, A, Amaj7, E, Dmaj7, A 

Outro  Amaj7, A, Amaj7, E, Dmaj7, A, A
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