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Planetshakers - Holy Spirit tab

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i love this song. should be close to the original... enjoy :)

intro: C G/B Gm/Bb F G (2x)

verse 1:
you're all i need
you're all i breathe
Gm/Bb          F      G
it's you that i'm thirsting for

verse 2:
its you i seek
on bended knee
Gm/Bb          F     G
it's you that i'm longing for

F                   G
i want to worship you only
    C    G/B     Am
in spirit and in truth
F                G
longing for your anointing
to fall on me
       F          G
let it fall from heaven

C    G/B     Am    G    Am
holy spirit, holy spirit
come holy spirit
     F             G  
come pour out your oil anointing

F            G
we need your power
F            G
we need your strengh
F           G
come pour it out lord 
F      G
open heaven
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