Planetshakers - Better Than Life chords

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Capo 4 this is kind of a hard song to play for beginners so 
I took it down 2 steps to make it easier the orignal chords are:
G=B Em=Gm C=A Am=Cm Dm=Fm
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Better Than Life - Planetshakers

G          Em             C
All to You I give my life
G            Em   C
My everything
G     Em                   C
Take my life I give my all
G           Em   C

Pre Chorus:

Am                    C
The love that You gave
Is all that I need
I know Your love will last forever


C   G         Dm
Jesus your Love
Is all that I need
C  G     Dm       Em
My everything
C     G     Dm
I give my all
surrender to you
Am                       C
Cause my God Your love is better than life
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