Planetshakers - Like A Fire chords

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Intro: Am F G X3 Dm F G

Verse 1:

        Am               G                            F             G
Like a fire shut up in my bones, I want the world to know, You are God.

          Am                  G                          F              G
With a passion burning deep within, I want the world to know that You live.


            F Am         G             F Am       G
Jesus I'm desperate for You. Jesus I'm hungry for You.

           F  Am       G                   Dm Am     G
Jesus I'm longing for You. Cause Lord You are all I want.

Verse 2:

            Am                G                   F            G
Let Your presence come and saturate Every part of me, make me new

           Am                   G                   F                  G
Let Your Spirit come and move within Fill me once again ’cause I need more



F                     C           Am                 G
Come like a flood and saturate me now, You're all I want.

F                      C                      Am                   G
Come like the wing and sweep throughout this place, You're all we want.
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