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Planetshakers - Good To Me tab

Intro and Verse

    G  D  A B  G  D A  B A
e|-------------------------|  Note that this can be played in Drop D and Standard,
B|-------------------------|  but I believe that Joth Hunt plays in Drop D due to
G|-------------------------|  the riff in the bridge. And Drop D sounds better

Octave Bits during the Pre-chorus part. One guitar chugs the chords, other does the
octaves, well thatís how my church does it at least :P


Pre-chorus second time through is slightly different; Goes to the E instead of staying
on the B and builds for the chorus

e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| How you build
B|-------------------------------------------------------------------| is up to you
G|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Listen to the
D|---5---5---5---5---7---7---7---7---9---9---9---9---2---2---2---2---| track though

Chorus! Not accurate rhythm notation on my behalf, itís a fun song to play, but not to
try and notate xD So listen to the track to figure it out accurately :D

    B  G   A       B  G    A      B   G    A     G    E  (high E)
e|---------------------------------------------------------------| The 14 isnít in
B|---------------------------------------------------------------| the actual track
G|---------------------------------------------------------------| but it sounds ok
D|-99-555\77-777--99-555\77-777--99-555\77-777-5555/2222-14/0----| and I like it

Riff for the bridge
This is the part where you all start side stepping like some sort of Barn Dance, This is
tabbed for Drop D, so if you want to play it in standard you will have to figure it out
for yourself.

e|--------------------------| The riff has some sort of swing feel to it, so play
B|--------------------------| with the track and youíll get there eventually :D

The riff quietens down for the vocals, just palm mute it, but then builds back up. When
it builds, the keyboard/synth plays some freakishly high note, I chuck a pinch harmonic
after the Ď2í on the A string. Sounds pretty good :D

Now to fit it all together, you have the verse, the pre-chorus, the chorus and the riff.
Hereís how it goes

Pre-Chorus (Octaves)
Pre-Chorus (Octaves)
Chorus x2
Bridge Riff, repeat it several times. Or use it to tell the Congregation exactly how
good God is before breaking out the call and return
Cut Chorus, no guitars, then build to the E
Full Chorus, stay on the E

/ = Slide Down
\ = Slide up

Thats it in a nutshell, now I have talked about the track a fair bit, the Worship Pastor
made a track for this song, Left has click, Right has Synth and guitar (no vocals) and
I also have the Good to Me demo, if you want either of these flick me an Email at the 
address below, Iíll reply when I can.

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