Plants And Animals - Lore Des Bois chords

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À L'orée Des Bois by Plants and Animals
-tabbed by b561248

The whole song (minus the outro which is piano) is this progression. You figure 
out the fingerpicking, it's easy.

chords are relative to capo (the names might not be right so ignore them)

G:          x32010
Dm6:        x10030
Cmaj7:      x03210
D6:         3x0030
Aadd9:      2x0230
G*:         x32010  -  xx0010  -  xx2010

Here's the progression:

G  Dm6  Cmaj7  D6  

Aadd9 x4

Csus2(maj7)x2 G*

Aadd9 x4

That's it.
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