Plasticines - I Am Down chords

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Here are the chords of a beautiful song by the Plasticines. It's much more gloomy that 
any of their song but i hope you'ill still like it!
It's not the original tuning i guess but i wanted to make this tab with chords as simple 
as possible. Enjoy!

C           C/B            Am
You thought it might be ok
between you and him, between me and you
C           C/B               Am
you thought it might be better
to change your life, but not tonight
C        C/B                   Am
I wonder how it would have been
without knowing him, i'm asking why
C            C/B          Am
you've never wanted to admit
              F          G  G  G G7
that you were crazy for him

C                 C/B               Am                
F  (G)
   I Am Down Tonight i am down tonight i am down tonight
again tonight (x2)

(Same chords)
i've never really understood
why it was me, why it was you
my pain and all the troubles caused
were a waste of time, but not tonight
i thought i was the only one
maybe for a day, or just a night
i could'nt bear to have you just
             F                  G
half of the time, it's not enough
i wanna figure out
before it's too late
                 G                   (G7)
before you found out how you really feel

I Am Down Tonight(x3)
again tonight
I Am Down Tonight(x3)
(because of you)
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