Platters - Only You chords

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I just took what, like, 3 other people figured out and transposed it to what seems 
to be the right key from most of the recordings I've listened to.

        Eb                   G7
   Only you    can make this world seem right

        Cm                  Eb              Eb7
   Only you    can make the darkness bright

        Ab           Bb7        Eb         G7       Cm    C7
   Only you and you alone, can thrill me like you do,

       F7                               Bb7
   and fill my heart with love for only you
        Eb                    G7
   Only you    can make this change in me

            Cm                  Eb         Eb7
   For it's true     you are my destiny

            Ab              Abm            Eb     G7      Cm   
   When you hold my hand, I understand the magic that you do

   C7        Ab
   You're my dream come true

      Bb7              Eb
   My one and on-ly    you
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