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Playradioplay - I Am A Pirate You Are A Princess chords

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bracketed chords = optional.

this makes for a nice intro, mimicking the piano in the beginning of the song:


or, for a mellower sound, one of these:

e|-----------------------| e|-----------------------|
B|-----------------------| B|-----------------------|
G|---------------------5-| G|-----------------------|
D|-7-5-3---7-5-3---7-5-3-| D|-----------------------|
A|-----------------------| A|---------------------3-|
E|-----------------------| E|-5-3-1---5-3-1---5-3-1-|

   is there a hole in your heart
   or am i mistaken
                  C         (F)
   i can see your capillary veins
               Am                  G
   you be the patient i'll be the surgeon
              C                         (F)
   just like 1st grade on the playground all day

Am                              G                     C   F
   soon enough you'll hear the black top calling for you
Am                     G                     C    F
   after that there is not much else you can do

Am G C

   have you forgotten your place
   I'm being sarcastic
                   C             (F)
   that shit could kill a bus of kids

   we have a good thing
   she is a bad thing
   why would she want to break us
   who would want to break us

Am                              G                     C    F
   soon enough you'll hear the black top calling your name
              Am                              G C (let ring for a mo'...)
   every day your life will never be the same

          Am                G
   i am a pirate you are a princess
             C             (F)
   we could sail the seven seas
   bring back some presents
   for all the people
                  C                         (F)
   everyone will love us even courtney will love us

either let the F hang or end on an Am... or a C... depending on the mood you want
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