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Plumb - All My Tears tab

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when i go don't cry for me
Bb            F         Gm
in my fathers arms i'll be
the wounds this world left on my soul
Bb          F                Gm
will all be healed and i'll be whole
sun and moon will be replaced
Bb       F               Gm
with the light of Jesus' face
and i will not be ashamed
Bb     F               Gm
for my savior knows my name

Gm      Bb                    Gm
it don't matter where you bury me
Bb      F                Gm
i'll be home and i'll be free
Gm      Bb               Gm
it don't matter where i lay
Gm     F                Gm
all my tears be washed away

gold and silver blind the eye
Bb     F          Gm
temporary riches lie
come and eat from heaven's store
Bb        F                Gm
come and drink and thirst no more
so weep not for me my friend
Bb      F              Gm
when my time below does end
for my life belongs to him
Bb       F              Gm
who will raise the dead again
Gm     F                Gm
all my tears be washed away
Bb/G   F               Gm
all my washed away
Gm           Gm
washed away, washed away

i wasnt sure of the ending, i just guessed at it. sorry if i made any mistakes. hope you 
it anyway! -amber
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